Flip Your Classroom with Discovery Education

What is the “flipped classroom”?

The flipped classroom is when students view lectures and gain information at home for homework, and spend time interacting with the teacher, and practicing concepts in the classroom. This practice is called flipping the classroom because students spend time viewing lectures and taking notes for homework, and practicing concepts with the teacher in class. This allows for more guided practice and teacher-student interaction than the traditional model.

How can Discovery Education help you flip your classroom?

Discovery Education has many videos demonstrating how to solve math and science problems that can be assigned to students for homework in the flipped classroom. In addition, videos from Discovery Streaming’s vast collection can be assigned to students for homework to maximize classroom instructional time, and provide more time for guided practice, performance tasks, and application of concepts in class.

Why should you flip your classroom?

1.  Flipping your classroom makes differentiating instruction easier. You can assign videos to allow students to gain background information necessary for student success based on individual student need, and a wide range of ability levels.

2. Flipping your  classroom can help you gain valuable instructional hours better spent helping students apply and demonstrate knowledge, and practice skills correctly with your assistance.

3. Flipping your classroom can allow you to ensure that all students, regardless of Internet access at home, can practice using 21st Century skills and technology in the classroom to interact with concepts, rather than listening to lectures. Students that do not have Internet access at home can check out teacher created DVDs to view at home.

4. Flipping your classroom with videos and vodcasts can help students with learning problems, especially reading difficulties, access the curriculum at home, at their own pace.

5. Flipping your classroom solves the problem of student and parent confusion with homework concepts. It also fosters interactive note taking and allows the student the opportunity to generate questions that can be asked in class when clarity is needed. Furthermore, students do not waste time practicing concepts incorrectly, but have the opportunity for guided practice with the teacher.

6. Students who are absent do not miss out on important information in a flipped classroom. They can access the lecture and  information according to their own schedules.

 Additional Resources for Flipping the Classroom

Create your own whiteboard videos and courses with WizIQ for free.

Use Khan Academy videos in a variety of subjects.

Educational Vodcasting sites and networks can assist you with flipping your classroom.

Video Hosting Sites for Teachers


YouTube For Schools (A controlled educational YouTube site for schools)


Do you have a flipped classroom? If so, share your stories and resources with us by commenting on this post. We look forward to hearing about the innovative ways Georgia teachers are flipping their classrooms.




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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Hi! I have used Smart Notebook 10 recorder to record step-by-step tutorials for our students assigned projects by their art teacher where they digitally modify a photo of a traditionally-done art piece using PhotoShop. I used to teach the steps as a whole-class lesson with kids having to stop and pause before they could go on, when we had to go over a step for students who fell behind. Smart Recorder captured everything I was demonstrating and narrating and saved it as a movie file.I then uploaded the video to our Google apps account where it could be shared with all the students. They then could listen to the video and pause it or rewind it, and do the project working at their own pace. They all agreed they liked it better than the frustration of having to wait while others caught up. The tutorials are also helpful for bringing students who were absent up to speed.

  2. Jukka Sormunen said:

    As a headmaster in Kuopion klassillinen upper secondary school, Finland:
    Presentations about our solutions from next slideshare:

    As a entrepreneur:

    Videos from flipped classroom (video is windows media):

    IClass is the new solution to support iPad (h264/MP4/html5)


  3. alfred said:

    Flipped classrooms are the way to go! Thanks for sharing this informative piece. I’m a teacher and highly recommend using products by ProProfs. Learners can also benefit from it. Create quizzes, tests, add videos to courses and do much much more. Make the most of flipped classrooms – see http://www.proprofs.com

  4. Mike said:

    Smart Recorder captured everything I was demonstrating and narrating and saved it as a movie file.I then uploaded the video to our Google apps account where it could be shared with all the students. -See http://www.ibworldacademy.com

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