CEC Convention 2012

OK, so a couple of more sessions are behind me. One was a dud, the other was pretty awesome. I Tweeted during the awesome one. You can always follow my Tweets at @DENprincess, but I’ll also share with you here about the session “Technology and the Inclusive Classroom: A Natural Fit” presented by Tracy Amerman and Christopher Shamburg from NJ City University.  I knew it was going to be a good session when 2 slides in they said, “Here is a link to the resources and our presentation.” I suppose I have been spoiled going to educational technology conferences and working with my colleagues at Discovery. I just expect the resources to be made available online! Well these are, so let me just start with the link: http://is.gd/cecliblit

Tracy and Chris covered a lot of ground, sharing principles of UDL while providing actual classroom ideas for reaching and teaching all learners. One of the first things they shared was Audacity. Audacity is a free audio editing tool. They had folks come up and record some speech to add to sound effects they had already downloaded. There are loads of sound files in DEstreaming. They also talked about Scratch from MIT as a tool for teaching math and science. Finally, they introduced us to student case studies and share ideas for how to better support them. It was really the type of session I was hoping to attend this week.

Now, I’m waiting for a session on math and assistive technology to start. It sounds promising so far. I’ve already seen a wiki and VoiceThread being tested by the presenters. So hopefully this session will rock.

Oh, in case you’re sitting there waiting for my next post… there are not electrical outlets in ANY of the presentation rooms. So my battery is screaming at me. I’ll still be posting to Twitter.


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