Maya was at Say Yes to the Prom!

On Tuesday I participated in one of the most amazing Discovery events I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of called Say Yes to the Prom.

The whole event started weeks ago with a company-wide email calling for Discovery employees to donate their dresses.  There were 400 amazing, beautiful, and elegant dresses donated with tags still on some of them!  An email went out afterwards for people to volunteer to be a personal shopper for a young girl going to prom.  Seeing this, I gladly volunteered and luckily got picked to be a personal shopper for a day.  The event took place on Tuesday, April 10th here at Discovery Headquarters.  There were 34 absolutely beautiful and amazing girls bussed in from local high schools in Howard County to enjoy a day jam packed with dresses, shoes, jewelry, hand bags, hair, and make-up.  The icing on the cake was having Monte from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta there to personally help style each and every girl.

My girl Nikki (and this is what I called her all day) started out shy and reserved.  She didn’t really want to pick any dresses out herself so she had me pick out her first two dresses, and after seeing that I had terrible taste, said to me, “no, none of these will work, I’m 18 not 30.” We both had a good laugh, and then she went to town on those dresses!  She ended up trying on 8 dresses before she found the winning dress.  We then we picked the shoes, hand bag and jewelry to match the dress.  Once we were done and my girl had all she needed to look like a rock star for her prom, we were off to hair, make-up, and nails.   After a delicious lunch Nikki got to meet with Monte so that he could give her his opinion on how she looked.  It turned out she fit the dress beautifully and didn’t even need any alterations.  He told her she looked like a million bucks and I agreed.  All the girls really looked amazing.

The girls then participated in a fashion show where they got to show off their beautiful dresses on the catwalk. Monte gave each and every girl a corsage in front of all the Discovery employees, many of whom saw the dress they donated being put to such great use.   It was truly a great experience being able to bond with this young girl who started out as a complete stranger and it was a pleasure seeing her transform into a stunning beauty ready to go to prom.  Nikki was shy and reserved at the beginning of the day and by the end we were cracking jokes like we were sisters.  It was an amazing event and I am truly proud to have been part of it.

-Maya Nelson


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