2012 Social Learning Summit

The 2012 Social Learning Summit is right around the corner.  In fact, it’s less than a week away – Saturday, April 21st.  This year, there are over 70 presentations, giving you the opportunity to expand your learning and challenge your thinking in a number of ways.  During each time slot, which begins at 9:00 (ET), there will be up to 7 presentations available including one presentation each time slot from a member of the DEN Team, DEN GURUs, or 2012 GURU Finalists.  In addition, several DEN STARs are presenting as well.  Scroll down to see all of the DEN presentations.


The schedule of sessions is set and can be viewed by going here.  After clicking the link, simply scroll down and click on your time zone to see which sessions will be occurring at the various times.  Later this week, each of the scheduled sessions will have their live session link added.  On the day of the event, simply click these links to attend the sessions of choice.

You don’t need any special training  to attend the sessions, but we would like you to register here if you are attending virtually.  For more detailed information about attending the event, visit this page and read the “Attending” information at the top.

If any of the locations below are near you, we encourage you to attend one of a number of in-person events across the country hosted by our DEN Leadership Council members:

(The registration links next to each location are for the specific in-person event)
Costa Mesa, CA (Register here.)
Aurora, Castle Rock, and Jeffco, CO (Register here.)
Cartersville, GA (Register here.)
Hinsdale, IL (Register here.)
Livingston, LA (Register here.)
St. Louis, MO (Register here.)
Fredericton, NB (Register here.)
Wadesboro, NC (Register here.)
Albuquerque, NM (Register here.)
Toledo, OH (Register here.)
Blackville, SC (Register here.)
Myrtle Beach, SC (Register here.)
Poundmaker Cree Nation, SK (Register here.)
McKinney, TX (Register here.)
Woodbridge, VA (Register here.)
Muskego, WI (Register here.)



Below are the presentations from DEN Team members, GURUs and STARs.

All times are Eastern Time     

9:00       Lance Rougeux – Becoming Social(er) – Why Community Matters
Short Session Description:  A conversation about the benefits and challenges of developing learning communities for ourselves and within our classrooms.

9:30     Chad Lehman – Anywhere, Anytime Learning
Short Session Description:  Explore the web for free online professional development.

10:00      Dean Shareski (Featured Session) – The importance and Seriousness of Silly
Short Session Description:  Let’s explore the importance and necessity of being social and the Increasing blurring of professional and personal.

11:00   Matt Monjan – Ten Media Tips-n-Tricks You Can Use in Your Classroom Tomorrow – And One to Inspire You
Short Session Description:  Join this session to learn 10 easy ways to use media in your classroom and one thing that might inspire you.

11:30   Peg Hartwig – Closing the STE…M Gap: Mathematics Integration through 21st C Publishing
Short Session Description (one line):  Students are empowered to use a multitude of web 2.0 tools and iPad apps to create dynamic, engaging STEM application productions relative to their current learning targets, attaining higher levels of understanding and retention.

12:00   Hall Davidson (Keynote Presentation) – The First Truly Collaborative, Impromptu, Online Social Keynote in the History of The World

1:00     Rita Mortenson – Cool Educational Uses for QR Codes
Short Session Description: Learn how to create and use QR Codes for some cool educational projects.

1:30     Elaine Plybon – Transforming Lessons with Technology
Short Session Description: Simple strategies for transforming the traditional with technology.

2:00     Linda Rush – Text to Speech on the iPad
Short Session Description: Technology can help students with reading, articulation, language and communication issues using the text to speech features and voice over available on the iPad.

2:30     Kati Searcy – Digital Authentic Assessment
Short Session Description: Engaging Students in Meaningful Ways to Demonstrate Their Learning – DIGITAL AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT

Other DEN STAR presentations:

Josh Allen – 9:00 – Creating a 24/7 Professional Development Model
Valerie Burton – 9:30 – Creating ePortfolios using Weebly
Lisa Parisi – 10:00 – UDL in the Classroom: Reaching All Students with Technology
Kass Bates – 11:00 – Digital Media Festivals for Elementary Students
Paula Naugle – 11:30 – Get Your Students Connected Globally Through Blogging
Katie Leach – 11:30 – It’s Not Just “Icing on the Cake” in Student Competitions
Roxanne Clement – 1:00 – 24/7 Student Learning, Anywhere Anytime
Thomas McLaughlin – 2:00 – Mini Video Lessons Lead to an Effective Differentiation Model
Brad Wilson – 2:00 – The New Newsletter
Elaine Plybon – 2:30 – Leveraging the Power of Social Media in the Classroom


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