DEN Geocaching Day 2012

On May 19, 2012 the DEN will host our fourth annual Geocaching Day! Every STAR Discovery Educator is encouraged to venture out with some colleagues on May 19 and have some fun geocaching as you connect with your fellow educators one more time before the summer. Do you want to join us?

We’ll have a group of DEN Guides (experienced geocachers) host events in their areas. If you’re a DEN STAR and want to be a DEN Guide in your area, please let us know by signing up at We’ll send a few trackables your way and maybe even buy your lunch!

For muggles (non-geocachers) and pros alike, here’s a webinar that will answer the basic questions of “What is gecoaching?” and “How do I get started?” as well as emphasize the curricular connections of geocaching.

Want some resources to get you started? Here are just a few:

Getting Started Geocaching with Your Students (Conni Mulligan)

Geocaching with Kids


Geocaching and Education


Here are the locations and DEN Geocaching Guides:


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  1. Mark Case said:

    Molly, Tell me more what you want to know? What is geocaching? Where to go? How to host? Have someone host an event for you? Local contacts? Tell me what you want to know more and I’ll be glad to help.

  2. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    I love geocaching! My husband and I take our 7 yr old son every weekend to do some ‘caching’. He LOVES to be the one to find the ‘treasure’. So glad the DEN is doing this!! Got to check my calendar to see if I am available this weekend, and decide if I want to be responsible enough to ‘guide’!! ;o)

  3. Alexander MacDougall said:

    I wish I could be a DENGuide for this event! Unfortunately I’ll be traveling back to Halifax that day from the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Too many fun things to do, too few days! I love Geocahcing and I’m happy to see DE make this link to a great activity. I encourage everyone to participate! Have fun!!

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