DE Techbook Access for DEN STARs

Discovery Education is thrilled to provide STAR Discovery Educators with access to the Discovery Education Science Techbook for the remainder of the school year. To access your state’s version of the Discovery Education Science Techbook you will need to log into and click on Discovery Education Science Techbook Access for STAR Educators, which will be in red below your name on the community site.

This will take you to a site where you can retrieve your state’s passcode. If you do not see your state listed you can either access the national version or choose another state to access. You will need to create a NEW username and password with a different email than your current account.



  1. Kat Staton said:

    I really like the Science Techbook because it provides multiple ways for students to access the information. All kinds of learners will be able to come away knowing the same information. Also, the videos I previewed featured children. I know my students would much rather pay attention to someone like them than me (at least sometimes.) Well done!!

  2. Sheryl Roberts said:

    I really like the DE techbook because it is interactive. Students can learn using many different modalities. There are hands on activities, background information, labs, and the awesome interactive glossary. Another really special feature is the content can be tailored to reading levels. All passages have lexile scores so teachers can use their DRA information, match it to the lexiles, and match the passages to individual student reading levels. Everyone learns the same content, but at their own level. A masterpiece!

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