Help Build Hall’s Keynote for the Social Learning Summit

The Social Learning Summit is quickly approaching and the Keynote Speaker, Hall Davidson, is looking for some wisdom from the crowd.  Part of his presentation, titled “The First Truly Collaborative, Impromptu, Online Social Keynote in the History of The World” will include user generated content to confirm three statements:  I. Why Kids are Different 2. Why schools are resistant to change 3. Why The Change is important and Necessary

Here’s where you come in.  Based on the information below, grab your phones, video cameras, ideas and start contributing to the keynote.

You can contribute to these 6 categories

Past – Videos or stills that show older technology.  The old days…
Future – Gizmos, gadgets, breakthrough stuff. This can be real or something you made up (convincingly)
Students  – Students doing great work demonstrating they are 21st Century Learners
Dopey – Current practices, policies, rules, posters, handbooks with stuff so-last-decade
Great Current practices, great work examples by teachers, students, administrators
Personal: Impassioned, personal plea for the education system our students (and teachers) deserve.
Final Shoutout from participant groups or individuals to everybody else.


Video & Image Submissions 

Submitters should title the video with the above words in bold so we can sort them and send them to  Clips should all be very short, probably less than a minute.

Photos should also use the words above in bold for the title and should be sent to:


Twitter Submissions

Twitter will also play an important part in gathering information for the presentation.  Using the categories Past, Future, Student, Dopey, Personal – tweet your thoughts using the follow hashtags.

#tp421 – (words describing education’s past)

#tf421 – (words describing the glorious future)

#s421 – (positive words describing the noble, American, and/or global student)

#d421 – [negative words describing hide-bound or dopey practices)

#p421 – (words with impassioned personal plea for the education system our students and teachers deserve)

This is your time to show the power of the DEN and the wisdom of the crowd!  Submit today and be featured in the midday keynote session of the Social Learning Summit!


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    What a great idea! I always know hall will creatively twist his presentation! Hope everyone takes advantage of this collaborative spin! This surely will be a great keynote!

  2. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Hi, Hall,
    I’m not sure how to submit this, so I’ll give you a link to a blog post I wrote last April that might be appropriate:

    Also, the post right after this one features our technology teacher using technology he rigged together (small webcams with a light source, and a monitor) to give his students an experience with laparoscopic surgery. Thanks to the ease of shooting video clips on the iPad, I was able to capture this wonderful classroom experience which would have gone undocumented otherwise:
    I hope you can use some of these.

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