Tustin Tech-Beau-logy Fair!

Discovery Ed was invited to participate in Tustin USD’s technology fair on April 11-13th.  Naturally, we sent in our best man for the job, the Tech Guru (people still won’t call me that).  Nevertheless, it was a fun, personal event where I was able to meet with administrators, teachers, parents, and students all on the same level.   The goal was to show the community what technology was out there for them and to vote on what they would like to see used in the classroom.

It was interesting to see some big names in the technology industry there showcasing some of the most incredible systems, from websites to Smartboards.  What was more interesting was having some of those vendors approach me to see if DE content was able to be integrated with their system.  After a few precursory questions about their technology (and a quick hardball glance) the answer was almost always yes.

That got me thinking about what technology meant in the classroom. Specifically, that just throwing some high tech gadgets into a classroom does not produce results.  Just like having a Ferrari without gasoline, technology needs content to realize its full potential.  This is exactly what DE strives to do; we strive to be the fuel for the classroom, no matter what technology is being used.  So check out those websites, tools, and gadgets that you already use, and see if you can integrate DE content into it. You’ll be surprised at what you can create.


(Title was entirely the idea of Jonathon Hwong with absolutely zero input from Beau himself)