Anywhere, Anytime Learning: Chad Lehman at 2012 Social Learning Summit

Wish you could take control of your professional development by finding resources online to meet your learning needs? Ever remember a PD day that just did not meet your needs? Chad Lehman, Discovery Educator Network Community Manager will explore a variety of free places online to find professional development opportunities on topics of your choice.

Chad noted that so often staff development put hundreds of teachers in a large room listening to a speaker the district paid too much money to hire. Today, that trend has shifted as we take control of our own professional development. Rather than letting the district dictate, teachers are finding relevant PD on their own, online.

The first resource Chad noted is the K-12 Online Conference. This site archives its sessions, most of which run for 20 minutes, also available on iTunes, and are easy to plug into because of the time frame and the delivery system: iTunes on iDevices. Can listen, watch on the go choosing your topic of choice for anytime anywhere learning.

Chad’s second site is Classroom 2.0 Live. You can download the audio and video components and the sessions are also available on iTunesU. Chad took us out to iTunes and showed us where to find these resources in the Arizona’s eLearning Platform. Michigan’s MI Learning is another section, as well as Google in the Classroom for places for you to surf for solid PD. Not everything in iTunesU is a video; many .pdf files are there as well. Chad says to check out the Commonwealth of Virginia for excellent resources, especially the Internet Safety and Parent Involvement sections. Main heading: K-12 Resources on iTunesU.

Another resource is Google on Air. Many sessions play during the day on Google hangout, videoconferencing for multiple people/sites, but some sessions occur during the evening. Hours are noon until 10 PM.

TED Talks on particular areas are categorized here. TEDed is a new feature for teachers to learn and share. Check this for future use. If you can’t make it to conferences, follow hashtags for conferences on Twitter. You can follow the hashtag and virtually attend the conference sharing. Almost like being there.

Yet another resource is Palm Breeze Cafe, from Lee Kolbert. The show has disbanded but the resources are still available archived.

And then there’s Discovery. And we archive everything, post to our YouTube Channel, and post to our DEN blog.

Additionally, the DEN Blogs are a wonderful learning resource.

A special thank you to Chad for his wonderful anytime anywhere learning, letting you choose your PD platform

For more information, check Chad’s presentation below.

Chad Lehman: Anywhere Anytime Learning

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