Cool Educational Uses for QR Codes: DEN STAR Rita Mortenson @ 2012 Social Learning Summit

DEN STAR Rita Mortenson uses QR codes to do scavenger hunts, catalog their school library, for their freshmen transition program and so much more. There are so many unique and creative uses to include audio files, video files as well as various handouts and assessments. This session will be a great way for you to learn how to include audio files, video files as well as various handouts and assessments. Click for Rita’s Social Learning Summit link.

We began with identifying our location, where in the world we are connecting to this amazing social learning summit. Rita began with telling us that QR codes used to be single dimensional but now are double dimensional and can therefore hold more information. Although QR code originated for business use, it has migrated to the educational landscape and is now almost ubiquitous in its application and potential uses.

Rita said this year the library used QR codes for an elaborate scavanger hunt and also to promote events around the school. In addition to verbal and paper announcements, QR codes proliferate throughout the school with registration links or event information. Another use of QR code was to attach a QR code that provided additional information for an artwork display. The same approach was done for music concerts; QR codes were listed in the auditorium so you could become acquainted with the performers before the performance.

Announcements are QR coded and thus become archived, and code is added for an audio assignment for world language assignments. QR codes are added to yearbooks as a sticker on the inside flap of the cover and have a link to all the photos that made and did not make it into the yearbook.

Bulletin boards are yet another opportunity to make your school interactive and give students and parents access. Book reviews done in an audio format and converted to audio QR code provide a window into the text before the read. Instead of handouts for a trivia contest, how about QR code. Senior T-shirts and QR code–absolutely! A photo gallery on a shirt. Professional Development days and QR codes–yet another great way to go interactive. And contemporary.

Some great sites exist: for making things, try lets you make a QR code from your mobile phone. Great site. You can use or tinyurl to make your codes shorter. tracks and records all the QR codes you create and tells you how many times someone has scanned the code. A great way to know if your code is being used and is effective.

To use QR codes, you need a QR Reader. Many apps abound, and all of them work equally well. Selection often depends on your phone, but each app comes with features, so depending on what you want, you can actually have many opportunities inside the app. If you are a beginner, my advice is to start with a simple free app.

What I love is the newest way to take a quiz. Check it out and consider the possibilities. They are endless. Thank you, Rita, for a superb presentation.


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