Ten Media Tips-n-Tricks You Can Use in Your Classroom Tomorrow – And One to Inspire You

“There just isn’t enough time to learn something new!” Sound familiar? In this session Matt Monjan, Vice President Account Management for the Discovery Educator Network, promises you will learn 10 easy ways to use media in your classroom–and one thing that might inspire you. Take Discovery Education and add a few Web 2.0 tools and you 10 new “tips-n-tricks” for Monday morning.

Matt published Tips-n-Tricks weekly and if you follow Matt on Twitter: @Monjan you will know when he posts. Matt’s resources can be found here: click this link.

Tip 1: You can create a video with a song. Matt segued to Lodge McCammon on DiscoveryStreaming. Make a video using images, math equations, and Lodge’s song.

Tip 2: For kinesthetic learners, make a video with people in it, synced to Lodge’s music. To find Lodge on Facebook, click here. To see how to flip your classroom, watch this video.

Tip 3: Podcasting. All it takes is a dedicated student and a recording device.

Tip 4: QR Codes. New version for a book report. Wouldn’t it be cool if students made a QR code, cut it out, stuck it in a book so that when someone picked up the next book, the student’s voice would be heard giving a book report on this very book. How about geocaching with QR code. To read the scan, go to the App store on your phone and search QR to get a code scanner.

Tip 5: Photopeach.com. A premium site at $10 per month or a free site, but super easy tool to use to create video. Upload your photos, position on your storyboard (very much like Animoto), hit next, give your work a title, choose music (comes with PhotoPeach or you can upload your own), hit finish. To add captions, select edit and add captions. Final save and you have your video. So INTUITIVE. You can add quiz questions to make the video interactive. Love this tool!

Unfortunately, Firefox crashed and I lost the last part of this session. Forgive me, please. Please consult the screenshot for Matt’s resources. Thank you, Matt, for a fascinating presentation. For remaining resources, just check the links to the left.

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