The First Truly Collaborative, Impromptu, Online Social Keynote in the History of The World

Educational Partnerships and Global Learning Initiatives Director of the Discovery Educator Network, Hall Davidson is the guru of virtual environments, learning with mobile devices, media technology, digital textbooks and quite honestly, whatever is trending in technology. For Hall’s resources, click here.

Leave it to hall to do something uniquely different. I’d expect nothing less. He’s made this session 21st century totally–a collaborative session–so you can be a part of this keynote. If you go to the click link above, you can send stills, videos, and stills in real-time to appear in this keynote. VERY COOL!!!

Social networking and social tools are very important. Last year Hall was at Grumman’s Theater, people tweeted, and finally the police needed to do crowd control. The power of social media.

Setup, Conflict, Challenge, Climax, and Resolution is how this keynote is flowing, following story arc. The setup is the platform, the conflict is the tools, the challenge is wrestling with technology, climax is commitment, and resolution is the product. Just a reminder that your YouTube has a mobile feature you can use to upload. You can make one account and send text messages to students and they can send material back and forth. You can convert cell phone numbers into Google Docs.

Education, according to Hall, is behind in technology. Hall is using images sent just now to the Flickr account and is talking about how behind ed tech is. Amazing real time collaboration. He is literally speaking to the images send by us attending.

Sent from a DEN STAR during this session: Things That Are Old School. Take a look.

But we need new tools for students to use today so they can thrive. We need a place for them to thrive. Great technologies are here and coming but education doesn’t integrate them. What are the new technologies we need to prepare students for. Take a look at where we could be. Soon. Augmented reality glasses.

The future: online, interactive, collaborative, unique place, student-created world, great 21st century tools that bridge the gap between what we know and what we don’t know. Hall directed us to a PollEverywhere survey so we could tell what skills are necessary for success in the 21st century. The list was overwhelming but accurate. But the real question: are our students getting these skills in schools TODAY? Are we raising the bar?

Students and teachers wrestle with technology. What if…

So, what can work when you have strategies like you saw in the video above. The non-cognitive factor is what happens when you get kids to like school because you are doing the kind of teaching we talk about with the DEN and Classroom 2.0. Let kids get engaged, own the learning, and their scores go up without test prep. Take a look at the way of the world, seen through kids’ eyes.

Here’s the “showdown.” Keep in mind: fourth grade.

Creative teaching, right, with 21st century skills. You can do these kinds of collaborations and tap into these tools; you can do these uploads. It can happen.

Is technology pinnacle to the success of our children? Take a look.

This video was made on a mobile phone. Look what you can do with a cell phone challenge.

Why are you passionate about education? Will our children save the world? This is why we gather on a Saturday to share our passions for education. We plant seeds for trees we may never see grow. You have to have faith in what’s going on because many of us will never see the world our kindergarden children will inhabit.

In the last hour, we built a keynote with Hall leading. It was a tremendous experience. A first. The best. And I’m not at all surprised.



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