STEM iPad Priorities

As we strive to integrate 21st C STEM  learning, there are a few Apps that I find specifically related to building a strong STEM App Foundation.  I could create quite a list of  STEM apps but I am trying to target specific reference foundations.  All the other cool apps that are out there to build and  create  are great, but students need a quick access to references for accurate vocabulary and clarity of formulas.  These apps will create a support system as students strive to research and comprehend the STEM applications they seek.   Further, these Apps support State testing and ACT preparation, ( Great free app) creating  “teachable moment” opportunities as students use the references to find what they are seeking, ( The ACT suite is an option for  Annual WI testing).

Resources  that provide students a quick reference regarding math formulas and vocabulary is Math Glossary and Math Ref.

Science reference of glossary terms : Science VL ( Science Glossary @Visionlearning)  each definition is cross referenced, hot-linking within the glossary.  VisionLearning is a science web resource and so the app is also hot-linked to the web modules where the vocabulary is found.

A STEM cross-breed app, which may originally seem as a pure math app, is the EasyChart.  EasyChart is a quick way to have students take data and represent it in many different chart formations, which is a common expectation in the science portion throughout the ACT Exam Suite.  Although this is more of a tool app. it is one particular part of testing that students typically struggle.  The more students have experience with representing data clearly and correctly, the better prepared they are to interpret such testing items.  Certainly, using this application when teaching fractions, decimals and percents is significant.  But imagine, as students finish labs or research, they can use EasyChart to represent findings and make further predictions. By taking screen-shots of multiple charts, they can quickly experience multiple ways of representing the data, importing the Pictures to the “PicCollage” app, then exporting to their live binder or other web publishing tool.

Well – Ok – one more Resource that is not an App. A Plug for the  Siemen’s STEM site.  If you really want to integrate true  STEM, there are tons of resources, webinars and archives provided by Siemens and Discovery Education.  There is always a new and exciting webinar, and if the timing isn’t  right for you and your students, you can experience the webinar archive any time!  By the way, if you have a great STEM Lesson or activity, Siemen’s would like you to share.   Simply upload  on their site!

Do you have a STEM reference to share? Please reply to this post!


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