Dear Diary 2.0- Penzu and NEW Penzu Classroom

Dear Diary 2.0 ~ with PENZU and

Penzu is an online journaling program with numerous features for you or your students.  Some features are free, such as password protection for journals, and some advanced features (such as mobile device access) are included in the Penzu PRO 19.00 per year fee. 

After signing up- you will receive an e-mail like this :

Hi Sandi,
  Thanks for signing-up!
  Penzu is now your own personal and private journal. Which means that everything you write is for your eyes only. 
Feel free to express yourself and write whatever you want!
*For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome ( or Firefox (
Serious about journaling? Then you need Penzu Pro! It’s everything you love about Penzu but with more features and security.  
With Pro you can create multiple journals and lock them with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption for ultimate security. 
You can format your entries with gorgeous fonts, custom backgrounds and more. You can also organize with tags, export your 
journals to multiple formats, and journal via email with Penzu Post.
You’ll also be able to sync your journals with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. 
Learn more about Penzu Mobile here:
  See the entire list of Penzu Pro features here:
We hope you enjoy using Penzu. If you have any problems or questions at please visit our Help Section at or 
email us directly at
Write on. -    The Penzu Team

Click the image below to see FAQs and “Try it Out” free without signing up.




Penzu Classroom” is a new product from Penzu.  It’s specifically geared towards teachers so that they can introduce Penzu into their teaching workflow. It’s free for students to use, but they ask the teacher pay a low fee of $49 per year. You can learn more here:   The way it works is that a teacher creates a “classroom journal” and students can contribute to that journal from their own Penzu accounts. From there, teachers can review, grade, and comment on submitted entries.

Sandi Dennis is the Media and Instructional Technology Specialist at The 4/5 Academy in The City Schools of Decatur, GA   ~ Blog: