Post Test Season: keep the learning going

Testing is over for most, the end of the year is in sight — it is WAY to easy to just coast the rest of the year.  However, this time can be a great time to bring those special , extra, or just plain fun learning items that too often get pushed aside in the rest of the year push.  Here are some ideas:

From Discovery Streaming:

  •  Encourage some fine arts appreciation with items from the Visual and Performing Arts subject area
  •  Remind them that reading can be fun with videos that relate to books (from your school library of course) or by using closed caption versions of fun videos
  • Let the students pick a subject of interest to them to search for on Discovery
  • Use the calendar to find out what happened on their birthday
  • Use the curriculum standards section to pick up on standards that may have neglected during the final test readiness push
  • Check the thematic focus section or interactive atlas for some learning ideas

Other ideas:

  • Check out; with its many subject areas, interative tools, and more it is a wonderful (and FREE) resource for teachers and students to use
  • Collaborate with your school librarian on a little information literacy training, something very needed in this “Information Age”
  • Use those trendy tech games to learn a bit; Angry Birds and Cut the Rope teach physics and problem solving, Words with Friends (and its sibling apps)  and 7 Little Words helps with vocabulary and spelling, Apparatus  and X Construction work with mechanical structures
  • has a suite of apps, all in a school safe and moderator-able format;  Web 2.0 type apps allow for writing practice and group work while the translation feature helps with language learning

Keep the learning going and the students minds growing!