So Johnny was in Aurora, Colorado Two Weekends Ago…

On the weekend of April 14th-15th, I was in Aurora, CO for Colorado’s Day of Discovery. Just as I expected, the teachers were wildly enthusiastic about the Discovery Education products and I know for a fact that the seminar on accessing Streaming via the iPad was particularly popular since I had a plethora of teachers requesting the iPad video format to be turned on for their respective districts. I don’t have an iPad myself, but playing around with the various iPads throughout the day made me realize just how intuitive and valuable tablet technology can be in the classroom.

This auditorium housed Hall Davidson for an hour and 15 minutes

The entire day was spearheaded by Patricia Fowler and featured a mesmerizing keynote by Discovery Educator’s Network Director Hall Davidson. The teachers and administrators were enthralled by Hall’s keynote and I heard many kind words for him after the opening session was over. Clearly, Hall Davidson can lead these teachers into the metaphorical deep space of Discovery Education and hold their attention even at nine in the morning.

There were many questions regarding the service and what teachers can do besides pulling up videos. The teachers attending the event were definitely tech savvy, perhaps the most tech savvy bunch that I got to work with during my various forays across the country. All in all, it was an excellent event that really spoke to and encouraged the innovative mind of these teachers and administrators.


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