Help Rename the DE Streaming Theme Pages

Since launching theme pages on DE Streaming, we’ve received requests to find a more descriptive, appropriate name for them. The name “theme page” conveys the idea of a collection of content assets focused on a particular topic. However, many people thought that the name fell short in describing the value that the pages offer teachers.

Help rename theme pages by taking the survey located at You can select your favorite name from the options provided or submit a new name for consideration.

A theme page is a collection of content resources that are focused on a specific curriculum concept. The resources are hand-selected by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts. DE curriculum experts also create teacher’s guides for each theme page, offering educators instructional ideas for utilizing the theme page’s content. The resources featured on theme pages include video clips, images, songs, writing prompts, encyclopedia articles, and more.

If you need a refresher on what theme pages are before participating in our survey, please see below. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Cars and STEM Theme Page

American Democracy Theme Page

Pi Day Theme Page


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