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Today Steve and I chat with our colleague Ginny Washburne about her new project The Rising Star. She may or may not have showered which meant we only recorded audio even though we used Google Hangout. This is a pretty cool project that warrants your attention. Listen and leave a comment. I mean it, leave a comment with a question or suggestion or how you think it will help you individually or as a community. Leave that comment and Steve will enter your name for a new car. If for some reason he can’t find a car to give out, he’ll find some awesome prize to give out.



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  1. Heather Hurley said:

    Great Podcast! I’m excited about the new Rising STAR program.

  2. Genny Kahlweiss said:

    Ok Ginny, Steve and Dean I listen to your Podcast. I thought that was great to have a Podcast on the DEN blog. It was fun to listen to the three of you. I would like to be a guest on one of your Podcasts and talk about DEN Events such as: a Day of Discovery and how teachers show up not knowing what the day is going to be like and how teachers get transformed right before your eyes during the day. The energy one experineces by the closing of the event is not always easy to describe in words. It is what you might call a DENtech flight. You leave DEN events soaring to new heights! I hope the Rising Star program will provide those same experiences for our new Stars.

    • Shelly Harrington said:

      Morning Ginny!
      I was completing National Board testing and projects and just got back from vacation. I would like to emerge myself into Mighty Bell and your rising start program now that I have completed that. I have completed 2 events to introduce the site and a power point I shared with the school, but really am feeling overwhelemed on where to begin. Listening to your podcast from May 25th and this sounds like what I need. Please help me get started. Thanks again!!

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