ReThink “ThingLink..

Here is a little web tool that can be expanded to do more than what you may think! ThingLink will allow you to upload a picture and then place link targets within the picture to connect you to different sites, listen to an explanation, or read information an important concept.
It seems like  a simple enough idea – But I just can’t resist mashing this up for a bigger impact! So let’s explore some ways you can build this tool up!

Maybe you would like more than just one picture – I know most the time I do! Maybe you would like to add a title or some other comments  to support what your thingLink is about. Well, that is what my students who are publishing 21st C STEM Projects, are doing! …How?

Well, students find a collection of images, from Discovery Education Streaming, Google Earth, public web images or take their own images and import these images to PicCollage on an iPad.  Within the PicCollage app, they add titles and other important information, then the one picture, made of many dynamic parts, is emailed to themselves.  Once they go to a computer, they are able to download the picCollage, followed by uploading into ThingLink.  From Thing link, they create their different link connections, whether it be information, explanation or a link to a resource or in-depth explanation of what their topic is.

Before I show you an example, I have some bad news… this young tool doesn’t play well with others quite yet.  I have pursued embedding this tool into Prezi’s and Glogster.EDU, including contacting the ThingLink people:  No dice.  Although the tool cannot be easily embedded, I will remain hopeful and in the mean time, I can embed these ThingLinks into Wikispaces  just fine! (STEMagic is our  STEM Resource wiki for teachers, where many Excellent math -science connections are made – check us out here!)

As for the Post, I will include the direct Thinglinks.  I took time to use the embed code so it would work for you right from here, as it gets along with wikis and blogs better, embedding the code in HTML
  So here we go with examples!

#1 Jaren:  This STEM Project was built on ThingLink after uploading a picture from PicCollage. His links go out to  an assortment of “ShowMe” explanations.  He includes a link to an Animoto summary and also2 DE resources, found toward the middle, bottom.

( See now i am nervous — if you go out to his links – please come back and read the rest of the post – it gets better!)

STEM Project

Kole’s Project: Glogster.EDU with QR code to Thing link :

Because we could not embed or even stick a traditional link in the Glog, we thought  creating a QR code would work as it is smply an image.  Success! The QR code did link from the Glog out to the ThingLink… Sneaky, eh?!

Kole used the ThingLink to expand beyond his original STEM project, using Thing link to captivate interest while providing 3 links to videos, two of which were Discovery Education Resources!

Please  Scan the lower QR code to link to the ThingLink, which will actually work just fine on an ipad device.  Check out his ThingLink connections to DE!  Kole actually plans to add more to his glog, including some Mathematical foundations , but we wanted to share this tricky adaptation as soon as we could! Kole’s complete project will be published on our wiki by May 14th.

( By the way, now my students have QR Fever, brainstorming more unique ways to connect  tools into Prezi  with QR Codes)



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