Egg Farm To Table Virtual Field Trip


With budget cuts, increasing rigor, and time that always runs away from us a virtual field trip is a great way to get “out” of the classroom.  I was super excited to see the email from Discovery Education Network about the Egg Farm to Table Virtual Field Trip.  I automatically forwarded it onto my staff and signed our class up too!  I loved that schools and students could submit questions to ask, but I was even more excited to go on a virtual field trip.


We learned so many interesting facts about chickens, eggs, and the egg farms in general.  Did you know that the older a chicken is the larger the eggs it lays?  Or, did you know that there are only 58 egg farming families in the United States?


I also LOVED how they stressed the importance of volunteering and helping local communities.  I also loved how they stressed the importance of saving and conserving national resources.  Take a moment to check out the archive.

I can’t wait until the next virtual field trip.  Do you take virtual field trips with your students?  Where do you go?




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