Family Night at Suntree Elementary School in Brevard

For today’s post, Technical and Customer Operations Manager Payal Gulia was kind enough to share her recent experience in Brevard, Florida:

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a Family Night event at Suntree Elementary School in Brevard, FL. I have never experienced such a fun filled, cheerful and exciting environment like this in my life. Teachers, students, and parents from Suntree Elementary and other Brevard district schools came together to see what Discovery Education Techbook had to offer.

Discovery Education’s Techbook team put a lot of planning and effort into organizing these family night events. The family nights are catered to attendees of all ages, so everyone from students to parents has a fun time. The Techbook team had set up six different “Hands-on-Activity” stations to engage the kids while parents got a chance to experience a glimpse of the Science Techbook, which showcased the Discovery Education Techbook Student Center. The team played a Frozen Planet episode which was a big hit with the audience. Afterwards, video clips from the Mythbusters series lead us into a game of “Mythbusted or Confirmed”.  The game was played by showing Mythbusters video clips. After each clip the team would release a statement for everyone to assess whether the statement is a myth or not by holding up a color-designated card: Yellow “Mythbusted” cards for myth and Green “Confirmed” cards for fact.

I was not only impressed with the numerous “Hands on Activities” the Discovery Education Techbook team offered, but also how they brought out the inquisitiveness and enthusiasm for learning in these kids. Moon craters, volume, sound; these were a few of the great topics of the “Hands on Activities” that we used to flock these young minds together and learn while having fun. All I am saying is that the kids were excited and there was some noise y’all!

This was an event that I would recommend for all schools out there. We all got to party, learn, and have so much fun. My recommendation is for you to keep an eye out for a Techbook Family Night at a school near you. Go check it out. You will have a blast, that’s my promise.

-Payal Gulia


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