Pop My Video!

Creative Writing Teachers REJOICE

Remember the good times we had watching “Pop Up Video” on VH1 (or am I totally showing my age…?)  The VH1 site has an option to make your own Pop Up Video subtitles to some popular videos-  but that might not work for most (read ‘all’) classrooms….

An alternative I found is the “Pop My Video” app, which is one dollar and tons of fun.  Pop My Video is a fun app that lets users add pop-up bubbles to the videos on their iPhones, iPad or iPod Touch devices.  Same concept as “Pop up Video”, but use your own content to create the pop-ups. If you remember the music videos from the past, the pop-ups contained extensions of the content or secrets you might not know while watching the actual video.  What a great way for students to extend their knowledge and make otherwise dry topics more exciting.

And it’s only a Dollar…http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pop-my-video/id451681823?mt=8

Pop My Video is an Erela, Inc. App. All rights reserved 2011


Sandi Dennis, Media and Instructional Technology Specialist, City Schools of Decatur, GA  www.teachertechnotopia.com



  1. Lindsay Hopkins said:

    Sandi – you must be reading my mind! I’ve been thinking that “popping” a video would be a great activity. Students could take an editable video from Discovery Education, research the topic further, then add the bubbles to share what they discovered. Love your idea for using it for creative writing, too!

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