Great Resources to Teach Epidemiology

Here is a list of sites with wonderful comprehensive interdisciplinary lesson plans and materials to teach epidemiology! There are also some great games and simulations listed below as well. The end of the year after state testing is a great time to use simulations and role play games to keep students engaged with the curriculum concepts that they have learned throughout the year. Let us know if you use these with your students, and how the lessons went.




Waters Edge

This is a game that allows students to explore the transmission of contagious disease via a game about a water borne pathogen.

Buffet Busters

This is a game that allows students to explore contagious disease transmission via a game about food borne pathogens.

Pandemic II

This is a game where the goal is for students to create a deadly pathogen and allow it to kill everyone in the world. This game simulate global disease transmission, and allows students to explore the factors that aid pandemics and foster the spread of disease.

Comprehensive Unit Plans and Resources for Teachers



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  2. Ian said:

    I like educational games and this one is nice. You can learn things with games.

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