A Day of Discovery

One of the anchor events of Discovery Education are Days of Discovery. These are days that typically are hosted by a district and usually provides a overview or kickstart to all things Discovery. Having participated in 3 of these since March I can attest to the energy and excitement that a day like this can bring. At the same time, we never want it to be about a single day. Our goal as a community is to offer multiple and ongoing ways to connect teachers to their greatest resource…each other.

On Thursday, May 10th, I’ll be participating in my 4th Day of Discovery in Edmonton. What’s great is you can participate as well. First you can watch many of the sessions live. It would be great for a few of you to join us. Secondly, we’ll be using this hashtag to share resources and insights throughout the day. #EdmontonDoD It would be great if you could follow along and  connect with those live and online. In doing so, this becomes a true community event. I would love to share with the folks in Edmonton all the passionate, caring educators from around the world that they too can connect with. If you’re reading this blog, you’re one of those people.

So help us make this and other Days of Discovery more than one off events. Connect, share and welcome new educators from Edmonton. Thanks.



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