A Very Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Tuesday, May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Day, where we recognize the importance of educators in shaping the minds of tomorrow. There are many teachers that I’ve encountered over the years that have made a difference in my life and I’m sure that educators continue to be a source of valuable knowledge and support to the students of today. Even as technology is rapidly changing around us, nothing can replace the value of a truly dedicated teacher. Our hats are off to you today and everyday! Keep up the good work!

Just to open it up to you all, I thought it’d be appropriate for teachers to tell us what got them into teaching and what teachers they’ll always remember!


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  1. Maria Aguilera-Marquez said:

    My art teacher, Mrs. Thompson…was my inspiration to be a teacher. She always showed support and encouragement. I will forever be grateful.

  2. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    I wanted to be a teacher since third grade. My teacher, Ms. Stanfield, was a super woman. She made teaching/learning fun, and I inspired to be just like her! This is my 24th year teaching, and even tho students have changed as far as their respect/behavior, teaching is still the only job I ever want to do! I love being a teacher! Thanks to the DEN for making this week so special!

  3. Cyndi MacDonald said:

    The teacher I will remember the most would be Dr. Lee Hawk my mass communications teacher. He had the most faith and deep appreciation for all his students and kept us going when we were ready to drop.

    Dropping the Needle for you!

  4. Karen Wells said:

    I had great Jr High and Sr. High English teachers who opened up the world of words to me. Because of their dedication to the teaching field, I was inspired to become an English teacher myself. Thanks, Mrs. Huff and Mrs. Wilson – your memories live on!

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