Scavenger Hunt KS DEN LC Style

As a way to promote Discovery Education here in Kansas, the Leadership Council will be conducting a scavenger hunt as part of Discovery Education’s Teacher Appreciation Week events. Members of the KS LC will be sending out email messages each day providing a question. The questions will take each participant through a variety of Discovery Education resources. The resources will range from the free options hosted on as well as within DE Streaming. The council planned to ask questions touching on free resources as a way to help local teachers promote and show why district administration should strongly consider subscribing to Discovery Education Streaming or any of the other educator friendly services.

So, check your email daily and be ready to hunt and respond as the Kanas Discovery Education Leadership Council sends out daily scavenger hunt emails. First two folks to respond correctly to each question will win a prize. Good luck and happy hunting!

P.S. Keep your eyes open for news coming soon regarding a Geocaching Day event in Wichita!


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    What a great idea! I would love to participate as my school has just subscribed and I would like to help promote early resource surfing once we have it in place. Can I join in to see how you build your scavenger hunt, or did DE provide you with the hunt plan/ details that I could obtain them?

    • Dean Mantz said:


      I would be glad to share the questions with you after this week. Basically, the KS LC discussed different areas that we felt teachers should be more aware of regarding DE resources. Those areas included free sites outside of DE as well as lesser used functionality and educational materials within DE Streaming. Feel free to contact me at with your contact information so I can share the Google Doc with you.

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