Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 1

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day and if anyone knows the awesomeness of the educators around the world, it’s the DEN.  Our STAR Discovery Educators go above and beyond and we’d like to show our appreciation.  For Day 1 of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve got a special treat for our STARs courtesy of our friends at Quizlet.  All STAR Discovery Educators will receive a free Quizlet PLUS account for one year.

Quizlet is a free flash cards and study games website.  There’s a free version available, but the PLUS version that STARs get will get you quite a bit more.  First of all, Quizlet PLUS is ad free.  Another great bonus is the ability to upload your own images – including those from Discovery Education!  Check out Quizlet and sign up for your FREE one year Quizlet PLUS account today.

To claim our free gift, head on over to http://community.discoveryeducation.com/teacherappreciation/


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  1. W norton said:

    I used quizlet all day. Kids loved it.

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