Do You Want a FREE iPad Accessory?

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day and we’re all about rewarding teachers for making the world a better place, especially members of the DEN.  Today, we have a limited time offer specifically for DEN members using iPads in the classroom.  We have fifty, yes 50, sets of iBallz to give away.  You have to check these out, they’re great stabilizing and shock absorbing harnesses designed for iPads and tablets.

If you’d like a chance at winning one of these, you need to tell us how you’re using iPads, or other tablets, with students.  Would we like to hear about how you’re using these devices with Discovery Education?  Of course.  To enter our contest please complete this form and you’ll be one step closer to owning your own set of iBallz.

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  1. Judi Poulter said:

    I do not have any iPad’s in my class yet…(no money)… so I am currently trying to find sources to fund this. I would like to use iPad’s in my Kindergarten classroom to assist students in letter and number recognition, and blending letter into words with an app called, ” Kids Learn to Read”. I would also use iPad’s for the students to listen to books in a listening center. There are thousands of apps that I could use, and I continue to find new ones everyday!

  2. Dawn Hart said:

    We are receiving ipads in our school next week. I have already signed up for a webinar to learn hoe t best utilize the ipad in my classroom.

  3. Kim Randall said:

    Great giveaway! Loving using DE on the iPad with Rover and Roadshow apps! Also love saving images to the camera roll from the DE site that can be used a ton of apps!

  4. Jennifer Morrison said:

    We’re a BYOT school so we have a bit of everything. With the use of Rover (free education based flash browser) our iPad using students can access Discovery Education. Teachers have iPads and have found them handy for everything from attendance to presentations. At the beginning of the year teachers were thankful that I had a collection of Apple adapters as the students quickly took to creating presentations on the iPad.

  5. Ann Kohler said:

    We use iPads daily in our self-contained special education room and couldn’t get thru the day without them. Luckily, my county just gave all of us self-contained teachers one to use and my students parents have supplied theirs. Would love to win one of these protective cases for my new iPad. !!

  6. Jeff Liwag said:

    We love using ShowMe in our stations so our students can demonstrate and present what they have learned with their classmates. It’s also great for think-pair-share and peer tutoring!

  7. Margie Rogers said:

    We mostly use apps, but today was an emergency–Blabberize was being cranky, so I grabbed the iPad, popped my FaceJack app in it, and had the first graders FaceJack their animals as they read their research in first person. It was awesome! I am also loving the ShowMe app–I’m having one of my bright K kids write each sight word and say it as she writes, for her classmates to practice.

  8. Kym Mizell said:

    We use iPads at every grade level K-5! I was lucky enough to be one of the first teachers to get a class set for my class. I teach Science and Math as an added class to every student in school so this gives everybody a chance to use them in my class. We also now have.a set in Kdg, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th with 2 sets in grade 3. I use lots of math apps with Splash Math being my most recent favorite. I also like Tools for Students and it’s free! I also use them as whiteboards, clickers and gaming devices as rewards! The kids love my apps so much they usually pick math or science apps when they can choose any app! Love this knew tool! Hope I win some iballz!

  9. Stacey Militello said:

    I am using the programming game CargoBot in enrichment with my 8th graders. They are solving problems logically and learning programming skills, but think they are playing a game and love it!

  10. Molly Hay said:

    I just got an iPad after attending a district administrative workshop. I can’t wait to learn about the endless possibilities so I can be an effective instructional leader.I would love to win some iballz.

  11. Katie Knapp said:

    I have teachers who have really taken off with our new iPads! Last week I shared the DE app and they are excited to start using the iPads to access DE’s awesome resources “on the go!” Planning to use DE images with Choice Board Creator this week.

  12. Sandra Gassner said:

    We are using iPads at our school and would appreciate the chance to try out iBallz to stabilize the iPads while our students use them to create stories/multimedia projects using StoryKit. Students easily add pictures and text and finally record the text to complete the StoryKit project before sharing it on the large screen via the ceiling mounted LCD projector. (We purchased the Apple VGA adapter to connect our iPad to the computer’s monitor port) Thank you Discovery Ed for giving us this opportunity! We enjoy using our iPads to view video made available through our subscription at

  13. HallieBurch said:

    It’s nice to know that you can win free stuff just by exploring the internet.

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