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If you missed all the fun on April 21st, do not worry. There were so many sessions it is likely that even if you did attend that day, you found it hard to select just one session each broadcast time. Do not fear. You have not missed out because in typical sharing fashion, the DEN has archived each and every session and made them available to you. Most of the sessions are 30 minutes in length and perfect for a little lunch-and-learn opportunity. I would challenge you to invite a colleague or two and enjoy
them together. The list of available sessions could keep you busy through the summer!
You will find the link to all the sessions here.
Enjoy the learning!

Get your star status in shape! DEN Spring Training makes that fun and enter-taining! Go to this link and record your DEN stats between now and May17th. Earn 50 or more points and you can earn your very own Den Trading Card pack!

 Resources for you:

Get Set London 2012 is the official site for educators. It’s beginning to build-up a nice set of resources, like an Olympic Values Game and a very good Olympic History slideshow.

Life is is a site from BBC Earth full of stories from small moments to big feats.  March 2012 is nature’s frozen stories featuring natures extraordinary thinking that people, animals and plants do.


Check out http://www.doodlebuzz.com/

This is a typographical new explorer. You simply type in a news topic, it cull through the news sites and when you draw a doodle on the page, it creates a representation of the news articles. They are then clickable and doddle-able themselves. Would be a great resource for the SMART board to use in the search of current events topics!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, From all of WI LC, to all of you!


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