WI DEN Members Take On EdCampMKE

On May 12, EdCampMKE took over Milwaukee South High School, Drawing 21st C educators from all the neighboring states. Because of the extensive preplanning by Tammy Lind & Chad Kafka, the day started smoothly, with impressive organization and troubleshooting through the support from their tech and teacher team. We were networking with educators from MN,IL,MI and WI who all had the same mission: To keep learning and growing in our craft through sharing and problem solving. The day’s introduction included three EdCamp Foundation board members who joined us from the New England area via google circles: Dan Callahan, Christine Miles & Mary Beth Hertz told us a bit about the origination of EdCamp, sharing a passionate vision.

At 9:15, an empty google doc was born, partitioning the day into 4 sessions with a lunch for prizes and networking. With a few Post-it notes and a whiteboard, ideas for sessions were shared and organized. By 9:45 the google doc was full, with many excellent choices offered.

Our own DEN Stars took the opportunity to share how Discovery Education supports 21st C education. Karie Huttner shared how her bilingual students use iPads to compose poetry and incorporate “Poetry Slam” techniques with Rock Our World while Peg Hartwig shared 21st C STEM integration for K -12 educators.  Rachel Yurk facilitated a share session regarding Tech Integration Coaching responsibilities, sharing her successful coaching strategies, offering many ideas to new coaches.

Check out the amazing resources and links from EdCampMKE 

Hats Off to EdCampMKE organizers for their commitment to fundraising, generating a surplus of funds while supplying superior internet service through extra router support, an abundance of door prizes and food selection to satiate all the needs of participants. EdCampMKE organizers showed good form in taking extra funds and “Paying It Forward”, providing excess grant funds back to the EdCamp Foundation for future EdCamps nationwide! A Special thanks to all the sponsors of EdCamp, and all the great people who planned such a great event! If there is an EdCamp in your area, be sure to check it out! See the available resources provided by EdCamp, if you would like to know more about how to organize an EdCamp in your area.

Upcoming EdCamps:
Apply for EdCamp Aug 1, Oshkosh, Wisconsin Here!

Apply for EdCamp  June 2, Minnesota, Here!


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