Geocache to the rescue

This Saturday, May 19 will be a great time to join other DEN members and explore or learn more great ways of how to use geocaching in your classroom. There are many DEN live geocaching events in Florida, Texas, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Kansas, etc.
Why should you care and why should you try it? Geocaching is one of the most creative and fun ways to end or begin the school year. That’s why! Think about it, how do you keep your kids engaged in those last days of school? If you want an easy and quick way, then geocaching can come to the rescue. You can take your science class on a nature geocache, a math class can review math terms, formulas, measurement with a math geocache, a literature review or end of book cache is a lot of fun. Students will love getting out of the classroom to look for clues as a team and hunt for the cache. You will love seeing them being actively engaged in something that has the look and feel of a treasure hunt, but your students are learning or reviewing the whole time.
Don’t have time to geocache in your classroom right now? Then explore it this Saturday, may 19 or over the summer, so when you come back to school in the fall you will have the perfect class getting to know you activity, or team builder for your class or school staff.

This Saturday you will not only learn how to Geocache, but if you are an old hand at it, you will learn new creative ways to use geocaching to enhance your curriculum.
What the heck, come to Florida and join fellow DEN members and stars at the St. Petersburg geocache day. We would love to have you. We are planning on a
nature geocahce that should be a blast. Can’t get to Florida then check your local DEN leadership Council blog to see if they are having one in your area. You will be glad you did.


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