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As the end of the school year draws near, I wanted to look back and share some super cool websites/apps that have made my life a little easier.  Being a teacher for children with varying abilities I am constantly taking data and reassessing students needs and accomplishments.  Each of these websites I plan to play with even more during the summer.  I did have a chance to work with each one a little this year (and boy they were AWESOME!)  Now, I do use a TON of different data collection forms and use a TON of different ways to reach my students and parents… but just had to share these!

Goalbook– Goalbook is a website/app that I learned about last year.  Each one of my students has several team members that are making sure that they are getting the best education possible.  Goalbook offers the ability to share information, update goals and objectives, and see progress (or regression) through online tools.   Take a moment to watch the 3 minute video.- Goalbook  I can’t wait to use this more next year.

Class Dojo– is another great website/app that I came across for behavior management. Okay, when I say came across, that really means that someone in my awesome PLN found it first… and I just latched on (so I can’t take all the credit)  This website allows for you to set up classes and then give positive/negative feedback depending on behavior.  I set it up for small group use for positive reinforcement.  I had my iPad up and then a computer screen up while working with a small group.  As students were exhibiting appropriate behaviors I was able to reward them.  Not only could this be used for behavior, but just think about small group time while working on a certain math concept or language concept.  There are TON of ways that you could use it.  What is even better is the great reports that you can get from it.  My students loved watching the little aliens and the sounds.

Coach’s Eye– I wrote a blog about it HERE about this fantastic app.

From the website:
“Sometimes all it takes is looking at a specific moment to drastically improve your performance.  Coach’s Eye makes it extremely easy to review individual frames of the video to really see what is happening.  You have the power to create and share videos that people can understand immediately without ever leaving your phone.”
Although this app is geared towards coaches… I jumped at the chance to modify it for my room.  Working in a classroom with lots of different behaviors we work on behaviors through social stories, pictures, schedules, modeling… and so much more.  What better way to model what my students are doing than to record behaviors!  Now.. before I get to far.  These videos are ONLY used in my classroom.  I also have permission from all of my parents to be able to record pictures and videos of my kiddos 🙂  With that being said, there will not be any screen shots in this post.  I just wanted to take a minute and talk about it.
BrainPOP Jr.-I could not post a blog about favorite websites without mentioning BrainPOP!  Although BrainPOP is a paid site, there are a TON of FREE resources, videos, and so much more!  My students LOVE Annie and Moby from BrainPOP Jr. (for CARE day tomorrow I will actually be Moby-you can create anything with duct tape!)  They love the short videos, the jokes, the activities, and I love the language and learning it builds!  I could go on and on about BrainPOP… check out my blog on BrainPOP HERE.
What websites or apps do you use to make life easy in your classroom?  Are there any sites/apps that you are planning at looking more into over the summer?

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