For Administrators: Dear Colleagues, Guess what I learned…

At today’s Admin Day of Discovery Kyle and I facilitated conversations about the free resources Discovery Education provides through our many partners, as well as the essential tools and ideas educators can access and use.  As we had multiple discussions with principals and tech specialists, the recurring theme became: “I’m going to send this stuff to my teachers in our weekly email.”  To save everyone some time, here’s a sample email.

Dear Colleagues,

I went to an amazing day of professional development on Friday, and I have some great things to share with you.  [Optional: First of all, Lance had a new shirt on today that looked really nice, and he has a wonderful smile].  There are so many ideas, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. So I picked five things for you to check out. 

Webinars – You can spend the summer learning about all sorts of ways to use Discovery resources by checking out the free webinars they offer at or visit the DE YouTube channel to watch the archives at

Free Resources for Students – There are a ton of free resources before you log in to Discovery that can be used for summer enrichment activities.  Just go to and don’t log in.  Scroll down to the bottom to “Free Teacher and Parent Resources.”

Summer Enrichment Packet – Here’s a cool sample summer enrichment packet using free DE resources that you can use, modify, and give to your students this summer.

Explore Web 2.0 Tools – One great resource for you to learn more about creative ways to integrate Web 2.0 and technology into your lessons is Web 20.12.

Keep Up with the Community – The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) always has amazing things going on from in-person events to webinars to promotions and contests.  Keep informed by following the DEN Blog and reading the Weekly Update.

I hope you enjoy the resources.  Let me know if you have any questions.


[Principal/Curriculum Coach/Tech Specialist]


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