2012 DENny Awards – Thank You

I have been a Discovery Educator Network (DEN) STAR and part of the Louisiana DEN Leadership Council since 2009. As part of this wonderful organization, I have participated in so many wonderful events sponsored by Discovery Education including Day of Discovery in Silver Springs, Maryland and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the DEN Leadership Council Symposium in Boston, the DEN Summer Institute in San Diego, and virtual conference days every fall and spring since I joined.

On the evening of May 17, at the fourth annual DENny awards, I was honored with a PL DEN Award for my 365 Day Project.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the live presentation of the awards, because I was helping prepare for our annual Parent Volunteer Breakfast which was being held at my school on Friday, but I would like to say how truly honored I am by this award. Below is the recording of the DENny Awards. (Mine starts at 9:27.)

When I got home Thursday night I found out via Twitter that I had been honored with a DENny Award.

I would like to thank Discovery Education and the DEN for this honor. I would also like to congratulate all of the other DEN members who received DENny Awards for 2012. I am inspired by all of you.


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