Evaluate Happy Students Using Games

Did you know that you may have as many as 165 educational games available to you through your Discovery Education Streaming Plus service? Just search by “games” using the media type filter. These games span all subject areas, including literature, fine arts, and science, and were developed with the differing needs of our youngest students, and our oldest students in mind. For those who are not Streaming Plus customers, games such as, “Fishy Fractions,” “Math Dojo,” and “The Whadayya Know Quiz Show,” are available for free through http://www.iknowthat.com Another free website, http://www.sumdog.com, allows teachers to differentiate assignment of questions on the Common Core math standards, while students are able to play students in other schools, states, and countries in games of their choice. A final resource is a collection of free web educational games that was developed by an educator who enjoyed using these resources in the classroom. That web address is http://sites.google.com/site/gameonlearning/ and includes multiple games for each subject area organized for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Imagine your students practicing their skills this May in a game format rather than a worksheet. Links to these games could be disseminated to students through the Assignment Builder tool, a user-created Progress Zone Probe item, and through Student Center. Even more, imagine the formative evaluation possibilities using these games. Think of the information you could gather about your students if you spent even 60 seconds watching them “play” math. Picture your suddenly motivated students showing what they know and can do by taking a screenshot of their results page at the end of the game, rather than responding to a pop quiz in paper and pencil. Take advantage of these free tools, and enjoy your last weeks of school by evaluating on the “sly” as your students enjoy the fun atmosphere of “game time.”


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