Making PowerPoint More Powerful

Autumn Picture in three frames

Autumn nature in clear sky. Discovery Communications, Inc., 2012. Discovery Education. Web. 21 May 2012. <>.

PowerPoint has always been my presentation tool of choice.  I have explored many others and enjoy the different effects, but I always return to PowerPoint.  Being the “Grand Dame” of presentation tools, PowerPoint has been a tool a novice can use, but has also has many possibilities for the advanced user.  Many of the effects give a Flash effect that can really wow your audience.  Imagine a cube that seems to turn showing the different pictures.  These features and others are available from Microsoft.  While I use PowerPoint 2007, you can find instructions for these features for different versions of PowerPoint at and the video instructions for the effect shown in the picture above at  Now, when I have some awesome images I downloaded from Discovery such as the one in the picture above, I can use them in a way that will make my presentation more powerful.


Planets pictured in filmstrip

Images from Discovery Education Images


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