We have a winner!

Did you catch the DENny Awards last Thursday night?  If not, take a look at the archive here, or read a quick recap by David Andrade.  It was a fun evening of recognizing and giving thanks to what’s best about the DEN – the members!

Dr. Lodge joined us for the evening to discuss the contest and announce the grand prize winner.  After a popular vote with thousands of entries, Jeffrey Collins from North Carolina had won!  We’re excited for Jeffrey as well as all the students that were able to participate and find a new, fun way to use digital media in this learning experience.

Lucky for us, the contest website is still live.  So, if you’re a looking for something to do with your students as the school-year winds down don’t forget about this great resource.  It will walk you through how to find the songs, set up your equipment, and get your students learning by utilizing Lodge’s kinesthetic lectures.


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