Educating Our Future Workforce, from Bill Goodwyn

Last week, CEO of Discovery Education Bill Goodwyn participated in a panel discussion at the Republican Governors’ Association titled, “Enhancing Workforce Development.”  If you were following us on Twitter, you probably saw some of the coverage from the event as it happened.  Yesterday, he shared his own reflection from the event that I highly recommend you spend a few minutes reading.

Here’s a snippet:

The only way that our nation can address science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-related deficiencies in our classrooms is by empowering teachers with the support that they need to excite, engage, and instruct students in ways that help STEM education to come alive. Digital content and digital technology are critical tools to put into the hands of the teachers, but unless they know how to incorporate these tools into enhanced instruction, learning will remain static, uninspired and, ultimately, unlearned.

Visit the Discovery Communications blog to read the entire post and to share your thoughts with Bill.  Believe me, he’d love to hear your feedback.


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