DEN Trading Cards and Pinterest

Prior to today, I didn’t use Pinterest.  I’ve seen a lot of tweets and Facebook posts about it – people sharing recipes, fashion ideas, etc., but for the most part, it was of no use to me.  Or so I thought. Scrolling through Twitter this morning, I came across this tweet:







I clicked on Steve’s link and saw a very cool use for Pinterest related to the DEN Trading Cards that STAR Discovery Educators have been receiving for Teacher Appreciation Week or as part of their New STAR Welcome Kit.  As the Director of Social Media and Online Community for Discovery Education, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Steve came up with a great use for this social media tool.  I liked the idea so much I copied it and put together my own page of the DEN Trading Cards I’ve collected.

If you’ve received DEN Trading Cards and want to start building your own Pinterest page sharing your collection, here’s how to do it.

1.  Go to the URL on the bottom of the trading card, below the QR Code.












2.  Going to that URL will take you to the person’s main Meet Meme page.  When you get to that page, find the “Pin It” button below the picture of the card.  Click on it to add this to a Board you’ve already created on Pinterest.  In my case, my Board is called “DEN Trading Cards”








3.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the rest of your cards.  When you’re done, you’ll have a cool Pinterest Board displaying your DEN Trading Card collection.  Don’t forget to share your DEN Trading Cards Pinterest Board with others – in fact, share the link to your Board in the comment sections of this post!


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  1. Laura said:

    What a neat idea! I hadn’t found a use for Pinterest either… up until now! Thanks!

  2. Nancy Sharoff said:

    Since ‘searching’ through Pinterest is really dependent on tagging within the field of the pin, should we be using a specific tag? I’m tagging mine with ‘DENtradingcards’.

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