App Recap with Zinepal

Here is a recap, courtesy of  Zinepal, of the great apps and educational tech tools highlighted by the Georgia DEN Blog Team this year.  I have created a Zinepal eBook of this year’s  blog posts. While in the eBook, just click on the blogger’s name to see a list of all of their posts. It’s been a great year, and I’ve enjoyed sharing the resources that I have found with you. I hope they have helped your students stay engaged and excited about learning. Keep checking the blog for more great tools, updates from the Summer Institute, great tech tools for you use with summer program students, and to start the 2012-2013 school year with a bang.

Download the eBook: Georgia DEN Blog eBook

*Zinepal is an Internet application that you may want to use with your students to organize classroom blog posts. It is free with branding, $5.00 per book, and there are subscription programs available. You may also want to try to have your students create hard copy books of their blogs. These would make great classroom resources, student portfolio items, and keepsakes.

Here are a few of my all-time  favorite tech tools that I have highlighted in the blog over the past couple of years: This is one of my all-time favorite sites. There are multiple tools that I use with my students to promote the creation of classroom artifacts that promote higher order thinking skills. My favorites are the QR code generatorFakebook (faux Facebook template), Twister (faux Twitter template), and the Post-Its. There are many more to choose from. There is also a subscription plan that is very affordable, and allows teachers to create student accounts and keep student work handy and organized.

Qwiki and Qwiki Creator: Qwiki makes content interactive and has built in features such as video and read-aloud audio, that makes this application a great Universal Design for Learning (UDL) tool.

Issu: Easily teach your students to create stunning eBooks and digital publications that can be downloaded

GlogsterEDU: Allow your students to create interactive digital posters to show off their knowledge.

ePals:  Join the free global community and enable your students to connect with students around the world. Work on collaborative projects with students in other countries, and learn about global citizenship. ePals also offers safe student email and collaboration tools for schools and districts.

Immersive Learning and Virtual Worlds

Quest Atlantis: This is the best immersive learning environment that I have seen to date! It is a FREE safe environment for students behind a wall of protective technology that is monitored by QA staff and teachers 24 hours per day. The only people allowed in world are certified teachers and their students. This site is engaging and there are quests and wolds for all content areas. Students are taught citizenship principles that apply to both the real and virtual words. Students are also allowed to take on leadership roles in a student council, as well as build objects in the virtual worlds. This is an international platform with students and teachers populated by people from around the globe. Visit the QA website and sign up for a free teacher account and training today so you can get started with using this great resource next school year.

Science Simulations and Games

Discovery Education Science and Science Techbook: Your textbook is now interactive! DE Science and DE Techbook have tools like interactive glossaries with video and simulations to aid in explaining concepts.

Gizmos: This site is full of great virtual labs and promotes writing and higher order conceptual thinking about science concepts. 30 day free trial offer for teachers.

Phet: This is a free site that is full of great virtual labs and promotes writing and higher order conceptual thinking about science concepts.

Biologica: This is a site that offers free science simulations available for download. There are comprehensive and interactive units that students love because they are fun and make complex concepts like meiosis, and the relationship between phenotype and genotype easy for students to understand. This website is maintained by, an organization that creates educational technology applications.

Cell Craft: This is a fun and free game that allows students to explore life from the perspective of a cell, bringing the role and purpose of various organelles into focus and context.

Chem Game Tutor:  Throw away the boring chemistry worksheets! This is a great game to practice math calculations and stoichiometry concepts. Teachers can apply for a free account and set-up student accounts. Knowledge can be assessed by using high game scores.

Share your all-time favorite apps with us! We look forward to reading your review.