New Student Center Support For Progress Zone

If you have not yet created a Progress Zone probe and then assigned it to your students through your classroom manager and through Student Center, there is new reason to try. Under the “Get Started” tab in Student Center there are three new short tutorials aimed at your students, and meant to support them in their probe taking efforts online. They are:

  1. Taking a Probe
  2. Reviewing Probe Results
  3. Accessing Video Clips

Our students gain organization and management skills, a sense of “ownership” in their Discovery work, and access to Discovery resources to use in self-remediation on topics they don’t understand or need a refresher in (including the ability to “search” in schools with Streaming). You gain more organized scoring and viewing of your results, enhanced tracking of student completion, and one-click probe dissemination (no need to remember codes, or type in URLs on each computer in a room)

Next time you check for understanding, give Progress Zone probe dissemination through Student Center a try. Save your probe, and under the heading “my probes” click on the actions button at the far right and select assign. One the next screen choose the class you would like to assign the probe to (as shown below). It is that easy….



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  1. Tammy Van Wyhe said:

    Your blog post gives me the encouragement and basic info I need to get in there and assign an assessment to students through the Student Center! Thanks for the concise how-to and just enough information to get started!

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