Day of Discovery at 1 Discovery Place!

And yes, the Star Bar made an appearance!

Discovery Education hosted another Day of Discovery event at Discovery Communications’ World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland on May 19, 2012. The event was a huge hit and it was a joy to see so many enthusiastic teachers learning about what they can do with Discovery Education resources. Daniel Choi, Josh Judkins and I mainly stayed to provide technical expertise for the event. The sessions were engaging, as always and Max Brooks and all the presenters did a great job keeping the energy up. For Josh, it was his first Day of Discovery event and he had a lot to say about it:

“I enjoyed my time at the Day of Discovery event. Helping teachers access their Discovery Education accounts and answering their inquiries was a rewarding task. The most impressing thing to me was that every educator had a sense of comfort in knowing that they were in the presence of those that could assist them with any question that they had or would have.  I even ran into one of my high school classmate’s mother (now teaching at our high school), who was elated to know that I was a part of the team that would be assisting her if she ever needed the help. At the end of the day, it was a rewarding experience for everyone who participated.”

So to all the teachers who came out May 19th, thank you! And we hope this provided endless new ideas for you and your students!



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  1. GARY RANN said:

    I know the information and energy were flowing throughout the building! I wish that I could have been there.
    Great Job Educators

    • Jonathon Hwong said:

      Thanks Gary! We’ll be sure to let you know of anymore Day of Discovery events in the area. Keep an eye out for e-mails from us!

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