Smackdown in Winnipeg

Den Stars Andy Mckiel and Joan Badger hosted a Discovery Smackdown event in their home district of St. James School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba. About 30 teachers came after school and began with some small sharing about how their using Discovery in their classrooms. Given they’ve only had access since March, they shared some cool stuff. I used Google Hangout to bring in Porter Palmer, Lance Rougeux, Kathy Cassidy, Chad Lehman and Katie Warren who each shared an awesome tip. (Lance actually shared 5 but I think he was just stalling to get out of housework).

Porter on Google Hangout

It was a really simple, yet great way to spend 90 minutes and everyone was pretty jazzed about new possibilities and connections. I’d highly recommend this format for others to explore. Any one have any other simple and great ideas to bring folks together?


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  1. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Love the St. James school division. They were very gracious to me when we kicked off DE and very creative. Would love to hear some of the things they are doing!

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