Video Games for Homework?

Editor’s Note: This article is written by our new Tech Support Specialist, Lina Tran! She’s still trying to find a photo of herself so I agreed to introduce her to the DEN world tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy!


This past month, Blizzard Entertainment has made a fortune from its newest release Diablo III. The broad, overall objective of the game is to complete numerous quests to gain experience, which in turn will level up your character. Blizzard is also known for another popular game, the World of WarCraft, which follows the same successful formula. I’ve been dragged into the Diablo III craze myself. I find myself at the computer after work for hours at a time fixated on the game.

What if there was a way to replicate this formula for educational purposes? Picture this. A game character gains experience to level up by answering math problems correctly. When all the problems are answered correctly in a particular quest, the math monster of that quest is defeated! Perhaps this sounds cheesy, but video games are entertaining and children like to be entertained. If we could create a video game that appeals to the students, then homework could be somewhere along the lines of… “Okay class, tonight level up your characters two levels.” I wish I had video games for homework as a kid!

Just my random thoughts on a Thursday morning. What do you think?


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  1. Betsy Ruffin said:

    I love the idea, but am not sure whether teachers, at least TX folks stressed by our extreme tes ting push, would stop fretting long enough to hear how it could improve skills ” as well” as drill and kill does. Large sigh.

  2. Todd Boender said:

    I love the idea as well. I could really see a majority of my students using something like this.

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