Fun in the Sun and PD, too!

Live in the San Diego area of Southern California?

Want an awesome way to spend a day in San Diego?

Look no further than the 2012 ISTE Pre-Conference Day of Discovery at the University of San Diego. Held on Friday, June 22nd, this amazing day of FREE Professional Development is available to all CA Educators, Administrators, and Technology Trainers.

Never been to University of San Diego? You want to see this beautiful campus.

Never been to a DoD? FREE PD, FREE food, FREE beverages, and incredibly amazing FREE networking. You’ll leave the day with your head happily spinning with the exciting knowledge you acquired and know that you were touched by the magic that is Discovery and the DEN.

Come on, give it a try! I guarantee you’ll like it.


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  1. Dotty Myers said:

    Looking forward to the Den celebration in San Diego.

  2. oralia hernandez said:

    Has been a day of learning and networking with all the fabulous DEN people.

  3. Mary-Elizabeth Quan said:

    This was an awesome experience! I can’t wait for another opportunity to take other teachers from my site with me. They had no idea what they missed out on. Now that I have been they are very excited to go.

    • Katie Warren said:

      Thanks, Mary-Elizabeth. Bringing your colleagues is a great way to network about the DEN and DE streaming.

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