A Tale of Two Schools


The Washington Post recently ran a comprehensive article on two area schools with vastly different approaches to education. The Flint Hill school is a technology mecca, with students being immersed in tablet computers and ultrabooks. This is, of course, completely intentional since teachers view these types of technology as important to making lessons more interactive and fun. Contrast this with the Washington Waldorf School, which focuses more on real-world application of lessons and thus chooses not to be wired from top to bottom.

Both schools come from two very different, but reasonable, schools of thought. Flint Hill views technology as an integral part of education and embraces it as a way to reach students more effectively. Washington Waldorf School views its students as being too reliant on technology, in which case it serves more as a distraction than a valuable teaching tool. Again, both very different ways of thinking, but both are valid.

I wanted to turn this over to your own view. Do you think that students are getting too distracted by our increasingly wired world, or should we make the effort to completely integrate these technologies into the classroom?


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