Discovery Education: Your year-round resource

As we head into summer, don’t forget that our resources are available 24/7!

You’re free to log into your DE account from home and preview potential videos for your class, or just to watch titles that you find interesting or entertaining, such as When We Left Earth, or the Planet Earth series.  Summer’s the perfect time to sit down and enjoy some of our lengthier titles that you may not have time to show in class!

Don’t forget, DE support is also available all summer, so don’t hesitate to call or click “Contact Us” if you need any assistance!


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  1. TRISH ERVAY said:

    Thank you for the easy access and availability of the DEN. I am teaching a new grade level in September. I have been teaching 2nd grade for over ten years. I have used WIKI sites, distance learning, and streaming from Discovery Education. The students I have next year will have thier own netbook that they can use at all times. I am really ready to step out and have the students using technology not just as a whole class presentation but to learn and share at their own pace. I am hoping there are other sixth grade teachers that can give me some pointers and I look forward to sharing my discoveries too!

    • Karen Sanders said:

      Good luck with the sixth graders and don’t hesitate to reach out to support if you have any questions!

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