This is the DEN

A few weeks ago I fished around asking for folks to share either how they would describe the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) or what it means to them. Armed with a few responses and a wack sack of other great resources, data and stories I set out trying to create a simple, one stop place that would be helpful in introducing someone completely new to the DEN. Given it’s a big part of my job, I figured I should have some place to point folks, that and the fact Lance told asked me to create it.

My goal was to create something as simple as possible and yet could somehow capture the awesomeness of this community. I doubt this can ever do it justice but it may be the closest I can come up with on a screen. To really get the DEN, you need to spend some time with these people. Nevertheless, here’s what I came up with and would value any critique, suggestions as well as accept all the praise you want to shower upon me. Seriously, I hope this is useful for the entire community.



  1. Deb Thonus said:

    Dean, the resource you created is super! Now I can show my colleagues what it means to be connected to dedicated educators from all over North America! The way you organized the content is very user friendly. Thanks so much for doing this.

    • Dean Shareski said:

      Thanks Deb. That was the goal, keep it simple. Let me know if you get any feedback. We’ll keep fiddling with it to make it better.

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