Who’s Going to the Tundra?!?!

Our amazing friends at Polar Bears International offered two full scholarships to active members of the DEN community to attend their Leadership Camp in October 2012. Applicants were asked to create an original video that answers: “If selected as a DEN Ambassador how will you bring your experience at Polar Bears International Leadership Camp in Churchill, Manitoba Canada back to your community?”

We were overwhelmed with the amazing videos from the community. After reviewing them, we were charged with the difficult task of selecting just two. But select, we did!

Two STAR Discovery Educators will each receive a full scholarship, courtesy of PBI, to the Polar Bears International Leadership Camp, which lasts from October 7 to 13, 2012 in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

So, who’s going to the tundra for the Polar Bears International Leadership Camp this October?!?!?!

Please congratulate Manitoba DEN STAR Tammy Einarson and South Carolina DEN STAR Karen Ogen!





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