The Tenth Podcast

Today’s podcast comes via Google Hangout and it’s new “on air” feature. You’ll hear 27 minutes of bantering and nattering with some useful ideas we hope, sprinkled in between. If you’re patient, there’s an opportunity to win a little somethin’ somethin’. Listen and you’ll find out.

I’ve also included just the audio. We hope to offer an itunes feed/subscription so you’ll get every new podcast automatically.


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  2. Donna Criswell said:

    Agreed that it’s ‘information or access overload’ but I think that it’s better to have more than less available. We need to learn how to manage …

    What’s with Dean and pants.. LOL (not even going to mention “Mr. Dress up or Tickle Trunk!!) I actually want that floating top hat!

    Bummer Chad on working during the summer 🙁
    Then again, even though I’m ‘off’, I always book far too much – teaching 4 different workshops and attending Intel’s “Teach for America” course in the UK! Cool thing is, I’m attending with Traci Blazosky, another DEN member! How cool is that? We think we might have met each other at one of the many DEN events but we aren’t sure yet.. we’ll ‘discover’ that when we meet up in Swindon!

    Thanks again for all the connections DEN helps us make! (we missed the faux pas???)

  3. Sarah Thompson said:

    Loved Mr. Dressup, Casey and Finnegan! DENSI is a blast! You’ll have a fantabulous time Ginny! I’ve only been to one – but I know that all of them are as awesome as the one I attended 🙂

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